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Florida International University
Design 7, Fall 1999

Due : Wednesday, Thursday Oct. 13 - 14, 1999.

During the following weeks we will prepare through weekly pin-ups for the Mid-term presentation.  The grade of the mid-term presentation and the work of the first half of the semester will account for 35 % of your final grade.

The Mid-term grade will be based on your architectural concept, design development, program, and graphic presentation.  By mid-term students should be able to demonstrate they can produce senior level design work.  Those who are unable to present during the midterm examination will be asked to drop the course.

You are been asked to present the following materials during the midterm exam:

1.    One model    3/32 : 1

2. Two Elevations (min.)  1/16 : 1

3. Two Sections (min.)  1/16 : 1

4. All floor plans  1/16 : 1

5. Perspectives

6. One page with program

7. Selected material from previous assignments