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Manhattan has created in this century one of the most spectacular metropolitan images in human history.  An architect must sooner or latter be confronted with Manhattan.  This studio is a platform for that encounter.
Virtual Design Studio : FIU, Miami + UNIACC, Santiago de Chile

This studio will be conducted in a mode of teaching design called the “Virtual Design Studio” (VDS).   In simple words a VDS is a studio that connects remote participants using digital communication technologies.  VDS Studios explores the asynchronous and synchronous techniques in design collaboration, in which different participants and large groups of reviewers from around the world can participate. 

By using technologies such as videoconferencing (PictureTel, VocalTec), Internet publishing (Web design, RealProducer, Flash, ect), e-mail, and digital modeling (3D VIZ, AutoCAD, Photoshop, VR WebMaster form Superscape, etc) students will gain an increasing understanding of the new modes of collaboration and media integration in design practice.  We will develop this VDS Studio in conjunction with the Design 7 studio at Universidad UNIACC, Chile.  We will share during the whole Fall semester the same studio subject, schedule, assignments and reviews.    Students will be assigned to discussion groups that by using the different collaboration technologies will evaluate their design and programmatic issues.

The theme of this studio will be the design of 12 Piers located in the East River between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge in New York. Each Student will be in charge of the design of one of those piers.  The 12 Piers are been proposed to capture the pedestrian traffic potential that the area around South Street Seaport and Pier 17 has generated in the last decade.  This area has became so popular that more than 13.5 million people visit it each year, this is more than sixty percent of the people that pass by Times Square - one of the most recognized urban areas of New York and the world. 

Even though our site starts just two blocks to the east of the South Street Seaport our area is practically abandoned.  The main idea behind the reactivation of our site is the rebuilding of the Piers 20 to 34 that were destroyed in the seventies and eighties.   It is expected that the re-building of 12 Piers will become an important urban destination and the place “to be” in Manhattan.  The program for these 12 Piers is envisioned as a mayor Expo/Museum of the world.  The idea is that each one of the Piers hosts a number of countries from a specific continent. 

The project is destined to become the main hub for the world that converges in Manhattan whereby visitors can enjoy exhibits, information, interaction, culture, food, vistas, and themed entertainment of different regions of the globe.  Students will be assigned one Pier-Continent, and will develop the program and the design in conjunction with jurors and reviewers from Chile, NY, Germany, and other parts of the world.

- A Good understanding of CAD and imaging software, and very good disposition to work with new digital tecnologies will be required for A. Andia's section of Design 7.

-  Students in this studio that want to pursue their projects using CAD will be encouraged to enroll the Computer Practice in the first week of class.  Please e-mail the instructor in you have problems meeting this requirement:

ag. 16 - 20  classes begin A1: Research of Precedents
ag. 23 - 27  classes begin A1: Research of Precedents
ag. 30 - se. 4 + VideoConference  Se. 1 A2a: Schematic Design Model 1:200, Program
se. 6 - 10 holiday Se. 6 A2b: Schematic Model/Floor Plans/Elevations 1 : 200
se. 13 - 17 holiday 18 A2c: Schematic Model/Floor Plans/Elevations 1 : 200
se. 20 - 24 + 
VideoConference Se. 22
DUE: A2 FINAL Schematic Model/Floor Plans/Elevations 1 : 200
A3a: Schematic Model/Floor Plans/Elevations 1 : 100
 se 27 - oc. 1  A3b: Schematic Model/Floor Plans 1 : 100
oc. 4 - 8 + 
VideoConference Oc. 6
A3c: Schematic Model/Sections 1 : 100
oc. 11 -15 holiday 12 A3c: Schematic Model/Floor Plans/Sections 1 : 100
 oc. 18 - 22 + 
VideoConference Oc.20
A4: Section Model 1:50 
oc. 25 - 29 holiday 1 A4: Section Model 1:50 (modify Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100)
no. 1 - 5 + 
VideoConference Nov.3
holiday 1 DUE A4:
A5: Pre-Final : Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
no. 8 -12 holiday 8 holiday 11 A5: Pre-Final : Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
no. 15 - 19 A5: Pre-Final Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
no. 22 - 26 + 
VideoConference Nov. 24
holiday 25, 26 DUE A5:
A6: Final Presentation: Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
 no. 29 - de. 3 classes end classes end A6: Final Presentation: Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
de. 6 - 10 +
VideoConference Dec. 8
FINALS DUE: FINAL : A6: Final Presentation: Section Model 1:50 and Model/Plans/Sec./Elev. 1:100
de. 13 - 17 FINALS
Alfredo Andia: Monday and Wednesday 2.00 PM to 4.45 PM 
Camilo Rosales: Tuesday and Thursday 11 AM to 13.45 PM
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