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Florida International University
ARC 5993  Graduate Design 2
Spring 1999

due: Jan. 19th, 1999

The second week will be divided into three assignments : Field of observation, New Territories, and Reading.  This assignments are designed so we can zoom-in into the programming and schematics phases in the following two weeks.  Students will produce presentation material to explain their findings to the rest of the class during 20 minute presentation on Tuesday, Jan. 19th.  Slides, scanned images, power point, are acceptable.

The presentations of January the 12th will allow us to summarize the kind of activities that are more likely to be proposed in our site : this may vary from very generic categories such as retail, to more specific ideas of fashion, sport, entertainment, and art.
During this week each student in the class will observe three of the activities or issues agreed upon at the end of the class of January the 12th.  Students will present their observations of the activities and possible proposals using diagrams developed in AutoCAD and Photoshop.  The diagrams more than been an accurate description of the observation should be a working arena in which one can present findings.  Bellow there are examples of what will be expected:

We will look at our site as a new territory, as a territory of isolated and interrelated activities.  In this assignment student are required to develop a series of working hypothesis of ideas about the site,  and hypothesis of new uses.  The working hypothesis are a reflection of the conversations developed in previous classes, it is also based on observations, reading, and bare instincts each one in the class has developed at to this point before elaborating a more mature proposal for the site.
At this point of the studio we expect that the proposals be only at an hypothetical level.  We would like to hold premature instincts to develop buildings, walls or any type of facilities.  we would like to concentrate in describing relationships, forces, activities, opportunities that may be developed in the territory we have selected for this studio.
We will use AutoCAD wire frame models and Photoshop to explain this ideas.  Bellow there are examples of what is expected:

The Reading is developed so students can....(need to be completed)
To be announced